Stack to launch 100% Bitcoin Fund

Stack prepares launch of its flagship product, the BTCX100 Bitcoin Fund.

03 January 2020

In Q1 2020, Stack Funds, a Singapore-based investment manager, will launch a digital-asset tracker that delivers 100% investment exposure to physical and custodized Bitcoin (BTC).

Launch of the BTCX100 Bitcoin Fund

The BTCX100 Bitcoin Fund is a tracker that allocates 100% of Assets Under Management (AUM) to physically stored Bitcoin (BTC). The tracker is structured as a traditional open-ended fund, allowing investors to subscribe and redeem on a weekly basis with the lowest rates in the sector.

For its initial launch, the BTCX100 product will be available to all non-US based accredited investors, corporate investment firms and institutions. Subscriptions to the fund will occur on a weekly basis with a minimum allocation of SG$100,000.

“ The BTCX100 Bitcoin Fund is the first available traditional vehicle in Asia that allows investors to gain custodised and insured exposure to Bitcoin. ”

The fund expenses only a 2.25% management fee per annum, the lowest rate for a vehicle of its kind.

The BTCX100 Bitcoin Fund will be launching in Q1 2020, and will be available for subscription via the Stack Funds online platform.

More information on the Stack BTCX100 can be found by clicking here .

Matthew Dibb, COO - Singapore

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