Institutional-Grade Asset Storage

A high-grade custody and insurance solution baked into the core of Stack investment products.

We guarantee security of your assets - at no extra cost.

Stack has developed a cutting edge solution for the storage and safe-keeping of assets held under management by pairing some of the worlds leading custody and storage providers with direct insurance on the physical currencies.


We utilise several globally recognised custodians that are collectively managing +$3 billion in digital assets to mitigate concentration risk of service provider and geography of storage.


Stack utilises 100% cold storage technology in bank-grade Class III vaults to keep investor funds safe. As an extra layer of protection our dedicated custodian provides $100 million of insurance for assets held in custody to guard against hacks and theft.

No additional fees

We have integrated these solutions into the Stack offering at no additional cost to investors. Our ethos is that all investment products should be 100% safe and secure by mitigating any and all risks with the appropriate coverage.

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